Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Insert Information- PLEASE READ IF YOU ORDER

The inserts are just becoming more of an aggravation for me the last few weeks....PLEASE READ the entire blog.

If you order inserts they are for PICKUP only UNLESS you email thecouponmama@hotmail.com to receive an invoice.  If you do not email thecouponmama@hotmail.com they will be sitting here at my house. There will be NO refund offered.

They are ALL PRE-ORDER unless otherwise noted so if you order on 1/8 for 1/15 inserts then you will not get 1/15 inserts until 3-6 days after they come out in the paper. I get the actual Sunday paper inserts and I do NOT get them early. The girls I get inserts from get them on Sunday and then mail them out on Monday or Tuesday each week and when they arrive to me, they are then separated and posted on my wall that they are ready for pickup. If you have them ordered, they will normally go out the same day or next day after they arrive to me.

It is NOT my fault if you order and need them shipped and do not email me.I have no idea who is who and don't have a clue if you live here or not. 

It is NOT my responsibility to keep up with what weeks you order. If I had to double check every single person that orders inserts to see what week they ordered, I would be sitting on the computer everyday. If you check your e-mail it will tell you what you ordered.

It is NOT my responsibility to keep reminding everyone to pickup inserts. Some people have let inserts sit here for months without picking up. 

It is NOT my responsibility to make sure you get a notification from Facebook. I have issues all the time so come Wednesday each week, make sure you check the page occasionally to see if they have arrived.

It is MY responsibility to make sure your inserts are separated and put in the box for each order. 

It is MY responsibility to ship out inserts if I KNOW they have to be shipped out. 

It is MY responsibility to make sure that I list the inserts every week so people can order. 

It is MY responsibility to make sure it is post on MY Facebook wall.  

I am NOT responsible for the mail system. I can provide you with a delivery confirmation number but from there, I have no responsibility to when it gets to you.

Inserts are put in a box on my porch at 47 Viking Ct. in Hammond Hills on Post unless otherwise noted. If you need more precise directions, please email thecouponmama@hotmail.com.

I do this to help everyone out and it's becoming an aggravation so please READ so you know what's going on. 

If you don't like the way my inserts are handled, please feel free to order from somewhere else. 

The Coupon Inserts Page is no longer active because people were not using it, complaining that they couldn't see it on their phone, etc. so I was having more trouble keeping up with who is posting on the page and who is posting on my page so to make it easier I have gone back to only using my page. I'm sorry if there was any confusion. 

There will be NO more invoices. I have 1 out of 10 people paying that were on the list paying before and it's to confusing for me to keep up with and I don't want to mess anything else up. Everyone will be required to order from the link each week and shipping will be billed separately.

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