Sunday, May 29, 2011

Couponers or Stores...who's to blame for things not being on the shelves?

Tonight was the FIRST night ever that I've been out at midnight to coupon and I was VERY suprised at what I found...

First off, a lady with kids couponing at midnight....

Secondly,  I walked in to Walgreens about 11:40 knowing that the registers would switch at midnight so I had time to gather all of my items and be ready at midnight...What I found was that the shelves were already wiped but of course not because of other couponers but because the shelves were not stocked...There was only ONE Ritz Crackerfuls on the shelf and only TWO Organics Shampoo...both of these items which everyone will be looking for and will be mad when they show up tomorrow or later in the week only to find everything wiped away...

So, even though there are so many new couponers because of the Extreme Couponing show on TLC, I think stores are part to blame for items not being on the shelves and there should not be so much judgement on shelf clearers(even though we know there are some out there)


  1. Food Lion in Raeford has been wiped of the Rozoni pasta too!

  2. Well the bottom line is Target and Walmart will MATCH Walgreens and other stores prices so if they dont want to keep the shleves stock then they are doing MORE harm because the shoppers will go to the store that will give them that price. They are only hurting themselves!