Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Hey y'all...It's been a wild and crazy week...doctors visits, not feeling well, traveling back from South Carolina earlier in the week, trying to pack to move and so much more so I'd like to post an update with new information regarding Couponing Mama and how things will work from here on out...

First off, I am no longer affiliated or partnered with anyone here on Fort Bragg who teaches coupon classes. There are quite a few people here locally who have taken classes from me and are now teaching but they are in NO way affiliated with Couponing Mama! I was shown a paper yesterday that was used in someones coupon class that was IDENTICAL to mine. To solve this problem, I researched last night and mailed in all of my information to a company  today to have MY sheets and Couponing Guide copy righted so that if I catch anyone using or copying them they can be prosecuted. It took being up all night to change a few sections in the book so that they could be copyrighted but it will be well worth it once they are! It's sad that I have to go to these measures! 

why do I charge for my classes:
1. I have to pay a sitter to watch both of my children during class. I now have a part time nanny for 15 hours per week that comes to my home and watches my girls for me so I can keep up with Facebook, emails, events and everything else I do couponing wise(not with my own couponing but for all of you) 
2. I have fees that I have to cover-I buy folders for each person, make copies of all the handouts(and now books that will be given out) as well as freebies and gift bags that are given out at each class. Also, now that I'm hosting classes at Lone Start Steakhouse, I am supplying a FREE drink and appetizer for each table. 
3.I have to pay for Gas to get to/from classes
4. I have to pay for Hotel Room/Food if I'm traveling

I wish that my husband made more money and that I could lower my prices and/or not charge at all but we are not able to do that and cannot afford to have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket each month to cover expenses for me to teach others. 

My classes will now have a few different price ranges and a few different changes...

If you have previously taken a Coupon class with Couponing Mama and would like to take the Pharmacy Class, the cost is only $6. If you have not previously taken any class it is $10.
This class comes with the Pharmacy Guide for sale on my Blog. It covers Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens. 

The Couponing 101 Class will have some changes as well...
 It is still $10 but will include the Couponing in Camo Guidebook absolutely FREE! This guidebook is a 30+ page book so when you leave the class you have all the info in front of you anytime you need it!

I will be offering approximately three more classes(maybe more) but not less than three before the new baby arrives. I plan to do a weekend Pharmacy Class, a weekend Couponing class and a weekday Couponing Class. All of these classes will be held out Lone Star Steakhouse on Skibo Road and will include a drink for each person and an appetizer for each table. I will have confirmed dates tomorrow. 

I will be planning another fill your binder event for the month of August but will need some definite volunteers to help out because I will be getting close to having a baby and planning this one all on my own. I need it to be as less stressful as possible. 

When will regular class schedules start back up?
I will start my regular class schedules back up towards the end of October. I have been in contact with a few companies today working towards getting a webinar up and going for overseas military families, people who are out of town and/or moms who would like to take a class and not get a sitter for their children! 

Thank you to each and everyone of you for following my page and for the many volunteers that help me daily find deals, help with matchups, answer questions and help out with events. I'm only one person and I couldn't do this without all the help I receive everyday! 


  1. Thanks so much! Is there any way to get the book for a fee if we are unable to take the class or have already taken it? Your awesome!

  2. yes,please email me at

  3. First off thanks for all you do! I was wandering if you will offer the Couponing Camo book for a discounted price to people who have taken your class? I just took one a few weeks ago and would love to have a copy.