Sunday, May 8, 2011

My stockpile...

My stockpile...It's a mixture of everything(excluding my laundry/cleaning stockpile, they are in another room) It has become a way of life for my family in the last 6 months and now I couldn't imagine having it any other way. I've become a more generous person because of it...There were many times before I started stockpiling that my heart was broken when I heard about families that didn't have food and were in need. Since stockpiling I've donated over $4,000 retail worth of items. (almost $1,000 in items given away just Saturday at a backyard shopping event) It's really amazing how fast the amount of items adds up. I do buy things that our family would not use then I turn around and give it away. It cures my need for more expensive shops to the mall, just cheap trips to the grocery store :) I also can keep my family fed for approximately 2  months on what I have in my home right now so when emergencies arise, we can be prepared! My most "wanted" items right now are nearly free diapers and formula since I'll be having a ltitle one in September. I'd like not to buy diapers or formula at least for the first few months! 

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  1. I don't have kids. If you like I can give you my diaper and formula coupons? I have a bunch saved for anyone that needed them anyways. :)