Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Commissary Shopping Trip 73% savings

Bill was 489.38 
Total AFTER coupons 148.13
I forgot to hand over $1.75 in coupons :( I didn't shop with my binder for this trip and I totally regretted it as I always do but I still did pretty darn good for all the stuff I got...We also got lunchables which were consumed before taking this picture  and two Dr. Peppers!

My kids are set for breakfast and snacks for at least all summer long, a years supply of Oxi Clean and Brillo Pads(which we go through a lot). 

I had 388 items total! 

I'll post the deal match ups in just a few moments! 


  1. The Hungry Jacks REALLY came in- I see!!! :-) Glad u could use.

  2. yes, they did! Would you like some???

  3. I appreciate the offer, but to be honest- we don't really use it like most other people do. I guess with little kids who love pancakes, it comes in handy but I am still on the same box of pancake mix that I used to make my friends little boy some decorated pancakes, but that was back @ Halloween-lol.

  4. Haha! I gotcha...My girls love them! Thank you so much for giving them to me :)