Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fill your Binder Event information-PLEASE READ

This is a drop-in type of event with a few different  FREE ten minute sessions during the day. 

The schedule is as follows:

10:30- Walgreens- ten minute session-explains the basics of Walgreens
10:45-FREE Drawing for goody bag
11:00-FREE Drawing for goody bag 
11:15-FREE Drawing for goody bag
11:30-CVS-ten minute session-exlains the basics of CVS
11:45-FREE Drawing for goody bag 
12:00-FREE Drawing for goody bag 
12:15-FREE Drawing for goody bag 
12:30-Rite Aid-ten minute session-explains the basics of Rite Aid 

You can come in at anytime during 10am-1pm to drop in to gather coupons and chat with other couponers!

There will be "stations" set up througout the Ardennes community center. 

The Multi-Purpose room will be set up for the small sessions, for couponers starting their binders and a place to mingle while have snacks. 

Snacks will be set up in the kitchen. 

The gym will have the following:
 * box for expired coupons so if you have any of these that are clipped or NOT clipped please bring them. 
* Tables set up by the binder categories so that it makes it convenient for finding the items that you need for your binder. 
*Table set up with sales match ups  for a few local stores
*Table set up with raffle tickets/goody bags


If you are bringing in coupons that you do not want that are  NOT expired, please try your best to have them separated into the following categories...
1. Produce/Refrigerated Meats
2. Medicines
4. Kids
5. Paper Products 
6. Household-Cleaners, detergents, batteries, etc. 
7. Pets
10. Cereal/Breakfast items
11. Boxed
15. Dairy Aisle 
16. Store coupons (CVS, Target, Wags, etc.) 
17. Restaurant coupons 

If you bring them clipped but NOT sepearted or non expired ones that are not clipped, please stick them in the proper box(will be marked) and not on the tables themselves so that it does not get confusing and messy.

Please comment with any questions and we'll answer them quick as possible. 

Tiffany & Tammy  


  1. What time do those of us that are designated helpers, need to be there? And can we get an address for the location :)

  2. Hey Megan, between 9:00 and 9:15. I don't have an address..can't seem to find one BUT It's right off Butner Road...just turn in the Ardennes neighborhood and it's directly on the right.