Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's welcome Couponing Mama's Facebook Mods

Due to the overwhelming response that the facebook page and our coupon classes have received, the page will now have mods! 

I have four wonderful mods who will be helping me out and hopefully this will help with a easy transition during my last few months of pregnancy and during the first month that the baby is born as well as later on...

So please give a big welcome to the following ladies:
Adlin Isom-She attended one of my coupon classes and has taken off and become a pro at it! She will be responding to messages as well as questions posted on the wall!

Sarah Russell- Sarah attended a coupon class as well and is very knowledgeable and she'll be responding to messages as well as answering questions on the wall!

Jenn Hanes-Jenn is one of the few ladies I have yet to meet! She is very pleasant and always willing to help! Jenn will be helping match up sales for grocery stores so we never miss a beat!

Shannon Jacobson-Shannon has probably been couponing longer that I have and she is a local to the area! She is very smart when it comes to couponing so she'll be helping with matchups as well! 

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