Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Freebies & Samples

As most of you know, I have added two additions to my regular Facebook page. I now have the Coupon Trading Group page and A Freebies & Samples Page. The Freebies & Samples listed here have been listed on the Facebook wall but I wanted to share it in this blog for all of the ones who don't follow on Facebook.

There are a few great reasons to sign up for freebies & Samples. Companies love to send out items for you to try out and the majority of the time there will be coupons in it as well! Many times the coupons are high value coupons(and who doesn't love those?) Another good reason for receiving these is that you can try out items before you purchase them. Don't you just hate it when you go to the store and try a new brand or flavor or something to find out it's extremely disgusting and you wasted your hard earned money on it? 

Happy Sampling! 

Cream of Wheat Sample

PepPod Energy Drink Sample

Simply Right Baby Formula

Parents Choice Formula 

10 FREE Trash Bags 

Eucerin Sample

Vitamin Sample 

Sample of Twining Tea 

Free Playtex Tampon Sample

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