Friday, December 9, 2011

12/11 Inserts-Pleaes Read

You will notice two different prices for the same inserts this week when they go on sale Sunday. All the extra funds will be given to Shannon Jacobson and her family. Many of you who subscribe to my blog are already on my Facebook page and have probably seen what happened. If you haven't, here's her post...

Ladies, I will be MIA for a while. Sadly,my house was robbed today. They took all the tvs, dvd players, my freakin cable box, 2 apple tvs, my kids playstation, both their ds's, the guitar hero thing, my laptop which has tons of info on it, our fire proof box which had a lot of stuff in it( passports, saving bonds, $1000 that was suppose to be used to go see my husband's 3 boys in 2 weeks), they took some unwrapped gifts from my husbands closet. I am just sick right now at the damage they have caused. They trashed my house, my kids are upset and I am so upset not only at the things they took but they have no idea that now that they stole that $1000 my husband cannot go see his boys before he leaves at the end of January. He has been saving that money for months! I have done so many things for my community and others, I do not understand why someone would want to do this to my family. This just makes me feel violated and scared to be in my own house
If you don't know Shannon already, she's such an awesome lady! She is always sharing deals on my page and is always helping me answer questions. Please lets help her out so that they can get to New York to see her husbands children for the holidays! It's the least we can do for someone that does so much! 

You still have the option of just paying the regular amount but if you'd like to help out, please make sure you get the one that says (FUNDRAISER) 


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