Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to see Pharmacy ads weeks before they come out :)

Unless you have a connection at a pharmacy already, you may not realize that you can get the Ads weeks before they ever come out! 

Here are the sites I frequent every week to look ahead a prepare for upcoming weeks! 


Here's a couple of advantages to having the ads a few weeks in advance. 

1. It allows you to plan ahead of time! When you know something is going to be a money maker or a freebie, you can plan ahead and order the coupons you need if you don't already have them. 
2. If you are getting low on a product, you can see if it will be on sale for cheap/free in the very near future which may help you not to spend full price on it. 

Hope these help y'all out as much as they do me!

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