Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10/30 Commissary Trip

I spent $43.xx OOP. 

I was overcharged by $4 because two of my $2/1 coupons were not scanned so I will be returning two products tomorrow to get my money back...

I have an overage that I do not have in the picture but I will post as soon as I do my special order to insure that I get my items. The overages vary anywhere from a few pennies up to .50 depending on which items you purchase...

Sparkle Paper Towels $1.99- Used a $1/1 Blinkie-paid .99 for three rolls(see the importance of grabbing blinkies when you see them)

Propel- $2.00- Use a $1/1 coupon from 6/10 SS and pay $1 for each 6 pack. 

Smithfield Ham Steaks- $1.99- Use the $2/1 smithfield coupon from 10/7 SS and it's FREE

Toast 'em pop tarts- found on clearance for $1.58- Used .50/1 tearpad coupon I found months ago at the commissary(see the importance of grabbing a few tearpad coupons when you see them)

Sara Lee Bread-$1.37- Used $1/2 Sara Lee bread coupon from 9/23 SS and paid .87 each 

Presto Trash Bags- $1.44(clearance but regular ones are only $1.91) Used .40/1 from maxi saver or coupon connexion(sorry can't remember which one)- $1.04

Barber Chicken -$2.89. Used a $2/1 barber foods coupon from 10/21 SS. Made the .89 a box. 

Dr. Pepper 2 liters- $1 each- Used $1/2 from 10/7 SS and paid .50 each

Sprite Zero-$1. Used a coupon I received from mycokerewards.com to cover this. 

Brillo Pads $1.36- used .55/1 brillo pad coupon from 9/30 RP and paid .81 each! 

Air Wick solids- .75. Used $2/2 airwick tearpad- received .50 overage for every two purchased. 

Suave Lotion- $2.49. Used $2/1 from 10/14 RP and paid .49 each

Hillshire Farms lunchmeat $1.99- Used .55/1 tearpad found at Food Lion and paid $1.44 each. 

Sorrento string cheese- $2.50. Used .50/1 tearpad I found today at commissary and paid $2.

Farm Rich Cheese Sticks $1.79- Used $3/2 and paid .29 per box! 

Reach Floss .84. Used $1/1 reach floss coupon(expires 10/31) and receive .16 overage

Hot sauce .92. Used $1/1 from 9/16 SS and received .08 overage. 

Brownie Mix .92 each- Used $1/2 tearpad found at commissary last week and paid .42 each

Fruit roll ups .99 each- Used $1/2 tearpad found at commissary last week and paid .49 each

Twix Bars .57 each- Used .50/2 tearpad found at Dollar General and paid .27 each

No coupons for the fresh chicken :)

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