Monday, June 20, 2011

Going full time...

Good Afternoon! It's been a hectic last few months and I'm ready for a slower pace. I've enjoyed the days going by so fast with my husband being gone but tired of being so rushed around all the time. I decided instead of working 18-20 hours per day, I would set myself a schedule, hire a part time nanny and not be so stressed about everything so starting tomorrow, I will be "working" three days a week with the blog, matching sales, classes and all the other events we keep planning. I truly enjoy this and love the "adult" time I get from teach coupon classes.

My GOALS are as follows:
Monthly Binder Events held at Fort Bragg 
Answering messages EVERYDAY
Doing all the promised store matchups
Staying on top of the BEST deals, just not any deal!
Website with coupons for overseas military families
Price Listing Website

I look forward to what the next few months has to offer and I hope you do too! 

Tiffany :)

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