Tuesday, August 16, 2011

List of Clipping Sites that I suggest...

Cathy's Coupon Corner (North Carolina)
Coupon Clippers (North Carolina) 
Kuntry Klippers(sells in sets of 20)
Lorihas3kids(sells in sets of 10 and 20) 
The Coupon Cutters (North Carolina) 
The Coupon Clippers (Florida) 
We Clip U Save (Tennessee) 
4 U 2 Coupon (Illinois) 
Jans Coupons (Florida) 
Manufacturers Coupons (Washington) 

Please note: These sites listed above are all sites that I have used numerous times and highly suggest. You will notice that there are different states listed beside the sites names. Coupons are regional so other areas may get different coupons than we get locally so be sure to check out the local sites and the ones not so local to see the difference in the coupons listed. 

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