Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dollar Tree Accepting coupons starting August 26th

This is one store for sure I can't wait to start doing matchups for! 

The coupon policy is finally up. If you click on the link below and scroll down you will be able to see the policy. 

There will be no overage BUT it doesn't clarify if they will mark down the coupon if you have a coupon valued more than the product. I see this varying by store, cashier and/or management but we will see. 

I know you can order stuff from online and have it delivered to the store so I could see that being a big help when you need a lot of one item. It does say the store has the right to limit quantities but maybe if it's ordered and not taken from the stores shelves then maybe stores will become more coupon friendly because people wont complain about shelves being cleared...Just a thought and my two sense....

In the end, I believe Dollar Tree will probably see a boost in sales. I'm sure since the couponing craze has hit America that sales have probably decreased a little. 

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